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Well Tanks Installed & Repaired

Well tanks are essential components in a well. They keep water pumped from the well under pressure and ready to use in your home. Well tanks are built from steel or fiberglass often with plastic diaphragms inside to keep water tasting fresh and clean. The upper part of the tank is for pressurized air. This forces well water for on- demand use in the house. The pressure is created when a well tank fills with water. Pressure continues to build until a certain limit is reached, then shuts off automatically when the ideal pressure is reached.

The first bit of water in the well tank is the first used when showers and faucets are turned on. The pump does not immediately turn on, using reserved water in the tank first. Well pumps are used to distribute water from the well into your well tank. Often, the well tank is found in the basement of your home. When water pressure is decreased, the tank facilitates the pumping of more water from your well pump. This ensures water is available when you need it.

Drawdown time is the time it takes for a well tank to deliver water before the water pump is needed. Drawdown times increase with larger tanks. The larger the reservoir at the bottom, the less time a pump is turned on to pump water. This reduces wear and tear on the pump. The usual time it takes for a well pump to fill up the well tank is about a minute.

Our company specializes in installing well pumps and well tanks. We offer the latest technology for well pumps and well tanks. We also can take your ideas for a well and complete the project from start to finish. We can excavate your well and suggest the best pumps, such as shallow well and deep well pumps, and install the piping and tank. A breeze for our certified specialist. We ensure that your well will run efficiently for decades to come.

Well tanks are vital to your well system. Having a broken well tank is an emergency because the pump might be pushed beyond limits and break too. Our service employees are committed to fixing any water tank issue quickly and at any time of the day or night. We do not charge extra for holidays or weekend nights. Our highly-trained staff is ready to repair your well tank or pump immediately.

Using a professional repairman gives peace of mind knowing your equipment is in good hands. From piping problems to pump malfunctions and water tank issues, our team has the expertise to correct problems efficiently the first time. Trust us for all of your water and system needs. We know how to protect your investment and we have effective solutions for all well tank repairs.

Sewer Lines Installed & Repaired

Sewer lines need to be constructed with a proper angle of slope. Here at Well Pump Technologies we provide sewer line trenches and piping appropriate for your job. Whether the installation is inside or outside a building, our licensed personnel have the experience and expertise to complete your project. We determine accurate measuring of the piping as well at the relative elevation for special connection pipes. We also calculate the pitch, ensuring the installation of your sewer lines is completed correctly the first time. Open and clean cut trenches are created for perfect pipe positioning. The backfill is made with approved material and uses sand for bedding to support sewer pipes.

We lay ductile iron piping as well as PVC, ABS and cast iron depending on the building code in your area. PVC piping is the most popular type of piping for sewer lines. It has diameter of 1 1/2 to four inches. PVC piping is installed with primer, cement, standard couplings, and T couplings, where one pipeline joins another. ABS piping is a hard black plastic. It does not need primer like the PVC pipe. Either piping is used based on your individual building code. They are never mixed together as they have different expansion rates. Cast iron is an extremely long-lasting piping material which has been used since the 16th century. Cast iron piping is assembled with rubber gaskets and steel sleeves. This type of piping is much heavier.

Our company also provides sewer line installation for septic tanks, and we have the best septic tank pumps available as well. We are experts in anything water or pump related. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that your sewer pipes are connected to your septic tank properly. Make sure to view our grinder pumps too and see what they can do to make your septic tank work at peak efficiency. Septic pumps are essential for your septic tank to work properly. Grinder pumps have impellers which grind up solids. The pump will add years of life to your septic tank system.

Sewer pipe breaks are an emergency. Well Pump Technologies is here to repair any sewer pipe breaks in your current system. We have qualified service technicians, dedicated to digging up and fixing any pipe issue. Available every day and night for such emergencies, we do not charge extra for holidays or weekends. Don't let a pipe break emergency ruin your day. Our company responds quickly to give you peace of mind that it is fixed properly. Pipe replacement and repair is part of our service.

If you are noticing warning signs at your home about potential pipe problems get them tended to immediately. A clogged toilet or slow drainage are warning signs for potential sewer pipe issues. Do you have mature trees and bushes in your back yard? They are constantly trying to invade pipes seeking water. Get preventative treatment to save small problems turning into big problems.

Septic Systems Installed & Repaired

Septic systems require professional installation to ensure they are meeting code standards and will provide efficient service to your home. Effluent, the wastewater produced by your home, is . required for a septic tank pump to work correctly. Grinder pumps are the most effective pump as they grind and dissolve solids. Solids-handing pumps are also built to pump raw sewage. They have special impellers and a space between the impeller and housing for allowing solid waste through without clogging pipes. This ensures pipes and the septic tank will work at high capacity. Obtaining professional installation allows for proper sizing of tank and makes sure that the piping and workmanship are up to code.

The size of your septic tank usually corresponds to the number of members in the family, and how long effluent stays in the tank. Effluent is the top layer of water after the solid materials sink to the bottom which is called sediment. The leach field is typically one square foot for every gallon of water. The leach field is an important process for effluent to be dispersed properly. It is comprised of trenches which are filled with gravel and perforated piping. The perforated piping is used to allow effluent to be dispersed properly.

Well Pump Technologies is comprised of specialists in all areas of septic tank systems. From trench digging to piping, installation of high performance septic pumps to designing effective leach fields, we are able to tackle any project from start to finish. Getting the system in place correctly the first time means less worry and greatly lowers the chances of anything going wrong. We are committed to your satisfaction and are proud to provide the highest technology pumps available in today's market.

A leaking septic pipe is an emergency which needs to be fixed quickly. We offer repairs on your existing septic system every day and night of the year. We work hard to make certain repairs are made correctly and in a timely fashion. We don't charge extra for holidays or weekend nights. Take comfort in knowing Well Pump Technologies has outstanding service records from happy customers. Our service staff is both efficient and knowledgeable regarding specifics from any septic tank system.

Combined with our state-of-the-art pumps, your septic tank installation will provide a cost-effective method for dealing with wastewater. Making sure to follow tips in keeping your system optimal, including never using bleach or harsh chemicals with a septic system. It kills the helpful bacteria your system need for the leach field to work properly. Do not use septic tank or leach field additives as none of them have been proven to work, and most actually do more harm than good.

We install septic tanks from start to finish. We make sure your tank is treated for waterproofing so your tank does not run the risk of freezing in the winter. So give us a call if you are interested in protecting your investment with professional installation and round-the-clock servicing of septic systems.

Expansion Tanks Installed & Repaired

Expansion tanks are small tanks used to protect your water heater from excessive pressure. Thermal expansion occurs during the process of heating water. The expansion tank is responsible for taking excess pressure from the hot water tank. The expansion tank is partially filled with air. The other part of the tank is filled with water from the hot water tank. The tank is divided with diaphragms made from rubber. When the heating system is low on water, the diaphragm is pushed against the water inlet and as the water pressure rises from being filled, the expansion tank fills the upper portion with air. A car-type valve takes measurements automatically and keeps your hot water heater from becoming dangerously over expanded.

Your expansion tank will be installed properly between the heater's water valve and the heater. We offer various size expansion tanks. The size of the tank needed is based on the degrees the water heater is set and gallon capacity which in turn increases the pressure output of your water heater. Larger water heaters require higher capacity tanks up to inlet pressure of up to 80 PSI. The expansion tank is protection for your water heater. It takes the unnecessary pressure away from the pipes in your water heater.

Our experts know which of the various expansion tanks is right for you, and we offer professional installation. Thermal expansion which is not controlled by an expansion tank can cause damage to water heaters, connections, piping systems, and pumps servicing dishwashers, washing machines and faucets. The expansion tank solves the problem of thermal expansion and is an important component of an effective water heating system. Our drawn steel expansion tanks offer the best technology available in the industry.

A malfunction in a thermal expansion tank puts your water heater at risk for damage. We offer prompt and reliable repairs on any expansion tanks you own. Our certified staff is experienced and will provide repairs at any time of day or night. We know how important it is to protect your water heaters. Our service technicians will repair any malfunction of thermal expansion tanks. Our company prides itself on prompt customer service, with excellent communication skills and we are licensed and bonded professionals. Well Pump Technologies is a diverse company which offers specialist in any field having to do with water. We get the job done correctly the first time so you do not have to worry about future malfunctions.

Choosing a water expansion tank is easy using our company. We only offer the highest quality of tanks, pumps and treatment systems the market has to offer. Find out today what we can do for you. We are your water specialist in all areas. Let us find the correct expansion tank to suit your needs. A proper size expansion tank which is installed professionally will protect your water heater for extra years of life.

Well Pumps

Well pumps are essential for transporting water from a well into your home. Shallow wells typically use a jet pump. Jet pumps are secured above the well, or inside your home, and use suction to move water. The engine of a jet pump moves a centrifugal pump called a impeller. The impeller moves water through a jet. Restricting the jet aperture increases the pressure and moves the water more quickly, similar to the principle of garden hose water nozzles. Shallow well pumps are designed to draw water from wells which are no deeper than 25 feet. They are not built for continual use, but rather work when needed.

Double-Drop Jet-Pump Systems can be used for deeper wells. The jet assembly for these systems needs to be submersed at a greater depth of water for it to draw from deep wells. In deep well applications the jet pump uses not only the suction at the jet but also pressure to the impeller at the same time. It draws water from one pipe and pushes water via pressure through a second pipe. This pump might also include a tailpipe to make certain the well is never pumped dry. The aforementioned system is used for wells 25 to 110 feet deep. A foot valve primes the pump just as the shallow jet pump does.

Submersible Pump Systems are an effective pump option and delivers higher quantity of water for the same motor size. They are used for wells 25 to 400 feet deep. They are proven reliable and often go decades without service. Submersible pumps are used in both shallow and deep wells. They do not have to be primed like jet pumps. There is little effort on the pumps part to move the water as it uses water pressure. The submersible pumps are quiet because of the submersion in water. They must always be submerged in water to run effectively. Usually, they are made from stainless steel so that there are no corrosion issues. This type of pump is easy to use and has handles, so you can carry them anywhere they are needed. If repairs are ever needed in a submersible system, it must be pulled from the casing to be fixed.

No matter which type of system is used, the depth and diameter of the well casing is important in deciding which well pump is ideal for your situation. Installation of pump systems is best left to professionals. Knowing how much water needs to be delivered, the depth of the water line, and the size and type of piping which the pump will be putting water through are all essential information needed for professional installation. Knowing the elevation difference between pump and point of use is also important. Get several estimates on the cost of labor to install pump systems. Read reviews by people who have used a certain service. Knowing which companies are reputable is important. Working together with you, a professional will find a solution that works best within your home's environment.

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