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Septic Systems Installed & Repaired

Septic systems require professional installation to ensure they are meeting code standards and will provide efficient service to your home. Effluent, the wastewater produced by your home, is . required for a septic tank pump to work correctly. Grinder pumps are the most effective pump as they grind and dissolve solids. Solids-handing pumps are also built to pump raw sewage. They have special impellers and a space between the impeller and housing for allowing solid waste through without clogging pipes. This ensures pipes and the septic tank will work at high capacity. Obtaining professional installation allows for proper sizing of tank and makes sure that the piping and workmanship are up to code.

The size of your septic tank usually corresponds to the number of members in the family, and how long effluent stays in the tank. Effluent is the top layer of water after the solid materials sink to the bottom which is called sediment. The leach field is typically one square foot for every gallon of water. The leach field is an important process for effluent to be dispersed properly. It is comprised of trenches which are filled with gravel and perforated piping. The perforated piping is used to allow effluent to be dispersed properly.

Well Pump Technologies is comprised of specialists in all areas of septic tank systems. From trench digging to piping, installation of high performance septic pumps to designing effective leach fields, we are able to tackle any project from start to finish. Getting the system in place correctly the first time means less worry and greatly lowers the chances of anything going wrong. We are committed to your satisfaction and are proud to provide the highest technology pumps available in today's market.

A leaking septic pipe is an emergency which needs to be fixed quickly. We offer repairs on your existing septic system every day and night of the year. We work hard to make certain repairs are made correctly and in a timely fashion. We don't charge extra for holidays or weekend nights. Take comfort in knowing Well Pump Technologies has outstanding service records from happy customers. Our service staff is both efficient and knowledgeable regarding specifics from any septic tank system.

Combined with our state-of-the-art pumps, your septic tank installation will provide a cost-effective method for dealing with wastewater. Making sure to follow tips in keeping your system optimal, including never using bleach or harsh chemicals with a septic system. It kills the helpful bacteria your system need for the leach field to work properly. Do not use septic tank or leach field additives as none of them have been proven to work, and most actually do more harm than good.

We install septic tanks from start to finish. We make sure your tank is treated for waterproofing so your tank does not run the risk of freezing in the winter. So give us a call if you are interested in protecting your investment with professional installation and round-the-clock servicing of septic systems.

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