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Sewer Lines Installed & Repaired

Sewer lines need to be constructed with a proper angle of slope. Here at Well Pump Technologies we provide sewer line trenches and piping appropriate for your job. Whether the installation is inside or outside a building, our licensed personnel have the experience and expertise to complete your project. We determine accurate measuring of the piping as well at the relative elevation for special connection pipes. We also calculate the pitch, ensuring the installation of your sewer lines is completed correctly the first time. Open and clean cut trenches are created for perfect pipe positioning. The backfill is made with approved material and uses sand for bedding to support sewer pipes.

We lay ductile iron piping as well as PVC, ABS and cast iron depending on the building code in your area. PVC piping is the most popular type of piping for sewer lines. It has diameter of 1 1/2 to four inches. PVC piping is installed with primer, cement, standard couplings, and T couplings, where one pipeline joins another. ABS piping is a hard black plastic. It does not need primer like the PVC pipe. Either piping is used based on your individual building code. They are never mixed together as they have different expansion rates. Cast iron is an extremely long-lasting piping material which has been used since the 16th century. Cast iron piping is assembled with rubber gaskets and steel sleeves. This type of piping is much heavier.

Our company also provides sewer line installation for septic tanks, and we have the best septic tank pumps available as well. We are experts in anything water or pump related. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that your sewer pipes are connected to your septic tank properly. Make sure to view our grinder pumps too and see what they can do to make your septic tank work at peak efficiency. Septic pumps are essential for your septic tank to work properly. Grinder pumps have impellers which grind up solids. The pump will add years of life to your septic tank system.

Sewer pipe breaks are an emergency. Well Pump Technologies is here to repair any sewer pipe breaks in your current system. We have qualified service technicians, dedicated to digging up and fixing any pipe issue. Available every day and night for such emergencies, we do not charge extra for holidays or weekends. Don't let a pipe break emergency ruin your day. Our company responds quickly to give you peace of mind that it is fixed properly. Pipe replacement and repair is part of our service.

If you are noticing warning signs at your home about potential pipe problems get them tended to immediately. A clogged toilet or slow drainage are warning signs for potential sewer pipe issues. Do you have mature trees and bushes in your back yard? They are constantly trying to invade pipes seeking water. Get preventative treatment to save small problems turning into big problems.

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