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Well pumps are essential for transporting water from a well into your home. Shallow wells typically use a jet pump. Jet pumps are secured above the well, or inside your home, and use suction to move water. The engine of a jet pump moves a centrifugal pump called a impeller. The impeller moves water through a jet. Restricting the jet aperture increases the pressure and moves the water more quickly, similar to the principle of garden hose water nozzles. Shallow well pumps are designed to draw water from wells which are no deeper than 25 feet. They are not built for continual use, but rather work when needed.

Double-Drop Jet-Pump Systems can be used for deeper wells. The jet assembly for these systems needs to be submersed at a greater depth of water for it to draw from deep wells. In deep well applications the jet pump uses not only the suction at the jet but also pressure to the impeller at the same time. It draws water from one pipe and pushes water via pressure through a second pipe. This pump might also include a tailpipe to make certain the well is never pumped dry. The aforementioned system is used for wells 25 to 110 feet deep. A foot valve primes the pump just as the shallow jet pump does.

Submersible Pump Systems are an effective pump option and delivers higher quantity of water for the same motor size. They are used for wells 25 to 400 feet deep. They are proven reliable and often go decades without service. Submersible pumps are used in both shallow and deep wells. They do not have to be primed like jet pumps. There is little effort on the pumps part to move the water as it uses water pressure. The submersible pumps are quiet because of the submersion in water. They must always be submerged in water to run effectively. Usually, they are made from stainless steel so that there are no corrosion issues. This type of pump is easy to use and has handles, so you can carry them anywhere they are needed. If repairs are ever needed in a submersible system, it must be pulled from the casing to be fixed.

No matter which type of system is used, the depth and diameter of the well casing is important in deciding which well pump is ideal for your situation. Installation of pump systems is best left to professionals. Knowing how much water needs to be delivered, the depth of the water line, and the size and type of piping which the pump will be putting water through are all essential information needed for professional installation. Knowing the elevation difference between pump and point of use is also important. Get several estimates on the cost of labor to install pump systems. Read reviews by people who have used a certain service. Knowing which companies are reputable is important. Working together with you, a professional will find a solution that works best within your home's environment.

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